Sunday, March 30, 2014


This short but distinct book by the respected historian Vunos Rainter is now available at the Center of Alphabetical Sequencing.  Already it is being heralded as an important work in detailing the unique methods of protesting during the last great upheaval on the island more than a century ago.  Since the Missionaries were strongly supported by military “advisors”, a different tactic was taken than the usual attempt of soliciting large group protest that normally take place in such situation. Instead the protest involve simultaneously appearing on as many different street corners possible. The effectiveness of this was it ability to be seen by more people that a concentrated group pushed to remote locales would not. When infiltrators seem to tip off the powers that be, smaller groups where formed that if need be would break into free acting protestors appearing randomly at times of high visibility.  This greatly hampered the mobilization of small but stronger forces who were unable to be everywhere at once.  The book also chronicles other tactics that appeared at the time like short 15 minute protests of large groups that would be gone by the time forces could be brought into place. Later there were even ‘groups of fives’ where smaller protest units divided into 5 groups would appear in a chain of locations each for a short period of time but them proceeding to another. Some locations could and would be visited within a few hours by a different group.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Forming Tetrachordal Scales from the Subharmonic Series

Here is a page of a document  added to The Journal of Anaphorian Music Theory. The document looks at one simple way one can derive tetrachordal scales from a subharmonic series. Such scales have been observed on equally spaced holes on flutes as well possibly the Greek Aulos.  Regardless of the case,  the scales manage to touch upon some well known ancient Greek ones as well as presenting  a method to finding others. Such a method could be easily tuned with only an ability to tune fourths and fifths above a given note.
A direct link to the PDF is also Here.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Performance from Yours and Owls 3/13

Here is an almost year old video clip from Yours and Owl's in Wollongong. It might be my favorite video on youtube as it seem to have less problems with it than the others. It is too bad the slower beginning didn't make in in, but it stands on its own. With Terumi Narushima as the duo Clocks and Clouds. A big thanks to Rory Anderson for putting this together on the fly.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

CAS Commission Investigates Churchward's Map of Mu Resemblence to Anaphoria

A recently surfaced map of the Mu empire has lead to the formation of  a Center For Alphabetical Sequencing  commission to investigate it supposed source. This map of the Mu empire by James Churchward  that up till now had been unknown, has struck many in Anaphoria as being almost identical to the shape found in some of the oldest maps of the island. Some have disputed that the location and especially the size  is too far off for this to be anything more than a coincidence. Still others find evidence with Churchward stating this island was inhabited by people called the Naacal. While there are no such people on Anaphoria, the word does exist  in the language of the people surrounding village of Aal, meaning "family" or "social group".  Wikipedia states- Churchward claimed to have gained his knowledge of this lost land after befriending an Indian priest, who taught him to read an ancient dead language (spoken by only three people in all of India). The priest disclosed the existence of several ancient tablets, written by the Naacals, and Churchward gained access to these records after overcoming the priest's initial reluctance. His knowledge remained incomplete, as the available tablets were mere fragments of a larger text, but Churchward claimed to have found verification and further information in the records of other ancient peoples. 

It is reported by the commissions spokesperson  that while Churchward appears partially mistaken due to the incompleteness of data, it places possible  contact with India much further back and on a deeper level than previously conceived.
The  commission hopes this might solve certain unanswered questions about Anaphoria's ancient and cryptographic history.

Friday, January 3, 2014

A 19 tone extension of Centaur for Strings- Silenus

While my Centaur tuning was originally designed for 7-limit ear training back in the days when electronic means were too unstable to use, it has been imposing itself in recent years for a variety of projects. The occasion for this has been in having to write for ensembles to play music in another tuning but one that is also manageable to those not specializing in such things.

 One such project was for the Australian group, Ensemble Offspring and it soon again became useful in composing a String Quartet to be work shopped in Aberdeen. The latter had its real premiere last Nov. in Los Angeles by a string quartet led by Melinda Rice. As I invited to do another piece by Melinda as well as a another group, Locana, which includes a cello and violin, a new question arose: is there a 7 limit tuning that preserves the open string tunings in fifths yet gives some of the basic material also found in Centaur.

Since a shape of an interval learned on one string easily translates to another, the limitation to 12 pitches was unduly restricting. Hence the next point where things fell into a nice shape was with a 19 tone scale which differs by only one note from one worked out by Terumi Narushima in a lesson. Since the context is its use with strings, certain options present themselves as easily transposed from one string to another.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Landini in Exile

This is a little experiment with transposing sections of a piece of Landini into Wilson's Meta-Ptolemy.This gets us close to 7 equal country without degenerating into it. Hence it has more shape and contour as can be seen above.
 The piece uses the same 3 instruments and 3 lines but transposed to different places in the scale with the lines also being exchanged in the instruments.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The Archives of Anaphoria is pleased to present its first release in 8 years 

Performed by Clocks and Clouds
Kraig Grady Meta-Slendro vibraphone
Terumi Narushima Meta-Slendro organ

IN A PENTAGONAL ROOM is the first CD of microtonal performance duo CLOCKS AND CLOUDS. The title refers to the unique five-sided reverberation chamber in which the recordings are made. The shape and surface of the room produce sounds and decays that last as long as 12 seconds enhancing the unique sounds of the duo's specially tuned instruments. The interaction of harmonics produced by the Meta-Slendro vibraphone and organ is captured via a special five microphone setup, resulting in what will probably be considered the definitive recording of these instruments. The album is totally acoustic and free of overdubs or enhancement. Even equalization is by-passed in order to retain the high quality of the original sounds.
              Dawn Crossing of the Bridge- Beginning Excerpt available here