Tuesday, March 13, 2018


The Archives of Anaphoria is pleased to present from the very very depth of its archives.....
Historic Recordings from 1935-1952
Digipak CD only. limited run of 300

Assembled by Banaphshu Tollan and Kraig Grady

Thanks to the miracle of modern audio technology, both wire recordings and early tape recordings made by Richard Tollan, Anaphoria's first long term Western resident, are presented for the first time. The recordings offer a window into a dark distant past forgotten by other traditions on the island as well as more modern styles. Little is known of the context in which this music was created, but it still speaks for itself across time to change how we think and hear the music from Anaphoria. The utmost care was taken to preserve the often lo-fi quality of the originals. For this reason, it has been decided that mp3 or streaming formats would undermine the recordings and will not being offered at this time. This release serves as a prequel to the already existing discography from Anaphoria. These recordings were first heard publicly on Radio Nabu Congul FM on 11/11/2017 to commemorate the 25-year presence online of the Embassy of Anaphoria Island. Order on this page http://anaphoria.com/music.html