lunar aspect

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One of the few times you will hear me sing!
I mentioned here that I did some recording in an anechoic chamber doing harmonic singing on 9 pitches of meta mavila just as a test.
While greatly limited in range and scale, i was able to throw this together using that recording.
Armed with nothing more than my Peterson tuner, each note is me overdubbed 8 times but staggered.
It is a mini requiem for the mini genocide
a Georgian Soundbite so to speak

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pentagonal Dream

Terumi needed this photo for a presentation on Takemitsu. Toru had seen the original photo from Man Ray and had a dream that night which lead to the pitch material he used in 'A Flock descends into a Pentagonal Garden' and later "In An Autumn Garden'. It seems to have been missed that he took Cages square method of bars and applied to pitch. Anyway an accident happen scanning the picture which only took a little bit of playing to finish what the machine might have been reaching for. For all the connected here, the influence of forces from 'without' shaping our directions. Some call it guides

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Long Meter

Long Metrics. I like to think they might add to longer ranging thinking, who knows. I do like how they create an timescape both unified and varied. While not giving too much away, one of the pieces I am working on is in 108 and uses much of my ensemble of instruments. At times I condense my pattern but at one point (maybe more, I am not done yet) I expand it out to 175.
Picture over the first row, 8 8 5 8 5 8 5 and the pattern is simpler than might be assumed. I had put up the numbers originally when writing this but I felt it destroyed the look which i really the reason i put it up. Most of these cross patterns, these being for three voices I work out by hand. But it was quite unwieldy in this case. I resorted to pasting one to the wall and this took over a meter, and the pattern to add had to be twice this length to compare all the options. Since the choice is based on taste, it is not really 'systematic'. Other non picture factors are at play. Finally I did resort to the computer to work it out and the real reason I put it up is I find it rather pleasing to look at. The dark dot is the actual Nuclear melody, the x a marimba, the star a vibraphone. The funny thing is pieces like can be only 12-13 bars long