lunar aspect

Monday, December 28, 2009

Addition to National Gallery/Of Threads and Bridges

What is believed to be the oldest depiction of Anaphoria by a foreigner arrived yesterday from Japan accompanied by the interim ambassador R. Tomasula. Carbon dating places it at over 3500 years old and in pristine condition for a woodcut of this age. There has been much speculation about the arc between Anaphoria's two highest peaks as it coincides with many myths of this time as a connection that existed between two famous holy men who while never meeting seemed to provide the people with almost instantaneous dual proclamations.
It was known as the time of the great thread or bridge depending on which peak one is able to trace as the source of the story. Much to do as also been made about the actual curve itself resembling the exact proportions of some of Japan's famous bridges.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

notation/invention-Kris Tiner
It is not very often that one gets to get a good look at those whose work lie within the boundaries of composition and improvisation. Kris seamlessly combines both. I have always gained both musically and conceptually from the way Kris puts things- down on a page and also how he threats it. Especially check out Ele(jg)y and Recourse to Unison. At least!

Monday, December 7, 2009

review and dream

Perhaps it is odd to repeat this review but i found it quite accurate which is rare and welcomed. He missed the instruments but that is minor as he quite understood what was going on in the music.
" Anaphoria - Footpaths and Trade Routes
(ini.itu #0902)
Kraig Grady has been making his beautifully rotund music for quite a while and it shows. The struck bell (or prayer bowl) like ringing tones upon which his music is established are an erratically gentle fall of sound, unpredictable and incandescent. It's form is reminiscent of John Cage's Music for Prepared Piano but of a more elegant and stately nature.
Grady has previously recorded for ensembles but the three pieces here are two solo and one edited amalgam. All are delicately poised with shifts in tension given sparingly as the music waxes and wanes. There is a moonlit quality that is hugely immersive and compulsive. The music has a pull and a call based on it's refusal to settle into one particular shape and as such I've found yourself losing hours of time as I relentlessly flip the album over replaying each side in turn.
( )"

As an aside i have a recent dream here which surely is a response to reading Jung's The Red Book. While his work has always increased my dreaming, not usually in this direction.