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Friday, April 20, 2012

Meeting Mike Gibbs

Mike Gibbs at the Outpost
It was a real pleasure to meet Mike Gibbs last year when he came and conducted some of his composition at the Kinetic Jazz Festival. I am sorry i am going to miss him there again here this year but those locally i recommend meeting a truly unique artist. The first time i saw his name was on the Gary Burton Album Throb, later i noticed he was doing the arrangements for the Mahavishnu Orchestra when it grew in size to be called such. Later I see him arranging strings on Joni Mitchell's Paprika Plains. This in itself is a pretty varied output. but if you look at his discography there is even more. The list goes on. impressive versatility with a wonderful spirit.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Additions To The Augusto Novaro Society

The Minovar of Augusto Novaro
Here is a picture of the Minovar. An instrument designed and possibly built by Norvaro based on his experiments in spiral shaped bodies that he also used on guitars. On the web page of the Society is also a passport picture of Novaro from society member John Schneider. This is  from a collection of files he obtained from the Guggenheim Foundation. We are looking forward to see what treasures these documents hold for us. In the meantime more pics of the violin can be seen here