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Monday, May 22, 2017

Book recommendations on Microtonality

This blog post is basically a handy list of written resources for those interested in Just intonation and microtonality starting from the simplest to the more specialized and detailed. We suggest owning hard copies as all serve as important references.

The Just intonation Primer by David B. Doty

On The Sensations of Tone. Hermann Helmholtz
Genesis of a Music by Harry Partch

Divisions of the Tetrachord by John Chalmers

Microtonality and the Tuning Systems of Erv Wilson by Terumi Narushima (available in Octotober 2017)

Musical Mathematics by Cris Forster

Harmonic Experience by W. A. Mathieu

'Temperament' and 'Temperament; or the Divisions of the Octave' R.H.M. Bosanquet

Greek Musical Writings: Volume II, Harmonic and Acoustic Theory. Edited by Andrew Barker.

Multiple Division of the Octave and the Tonal Resources of 19-Tone Temperament. Mayer Joel Mandelbaum. Thesis

The Greek Aulos by Kathleen Schlesinger

Augusto Novaro Musica Natural and approximation (Two editions) 1927-29 and 1951

Tuning and Temperament: a Historical Survey. Barbour, J.Murray 1951

Bach and Tuning. Johnny Reinhard 2016.

Harmonics and Spirals. Neil Haverstick. 2016

This list also covers much of a Just Intonation nature that best is seen there as opposed to copying.
I will be updating this as i am sure i am forgetting many