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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

poem based on googling ' when pressed'

How Can you tell when pressed flowers are done?

When pressed, Paterno snaps back. Serena Williams plays coy when pressed about her relationship with Dobbs Crumbles When Pressed On His ‘NAFTA Super Highway’. When pressed about the harmful effects on the economy, proponents of higher taxes often fall back on what can be called the "Clinton defense ... such that when pressed it moved away from the user (similar to a positive-tilt keyboard), and tilted 30° such that when pressed it moved toward the user (similar to a negative-tilt keyboard). When pressed with historical counter-examples, such scholars will respond "When pressed, his memory failed," When Pressed for a Statement, produce a "bonk" noise. When pressed hard, the Ann Arbor City Council makes Facetious Remark. When pressed with logical arguments about the incoherence of grouping Indeed, when pressed by Stanley Hoffman he argued that the academic discipline as such was little more than an ideology of the powerful deployed to both masquerade and justify their continued dominance in a world of haves and have-nots. How do I make decisions when pressed? When pressed for an answer about illegal immigration in his home state, Sen. McCain throws a woman out of his town hall meeting. When pressed for clarification, Cain said that this note applied to the video review as well. (These execute an action when pressed) caught in limbo Even when pressed by the demands of inner truth, men do not easily assume the task of opposing their government's policy, especially in time of war. When pressed to clarify the “pillars” these deeds “undermined,” the Obama ... WHEN PRESSED ON ANY AMBIGUOUS ISSUE REGARDING THE OBAMATRON, NEVER CONFRONT THE ISSUE DIRECTLY; Jazz reserves carry the load when pressed into service While many people when pressed would sooner be apologists for slavery than apologize, ... When pressed, they knew nothing about it. When pressed, engage the autopilot. no scruple, when pressed, to sell the children of their serfs. .... Consumers say 'Very handy when pressed for time.' When pressed, officials also reveal, very quickly, that they rarely have any …When pressed further, Hartmann said, "It was a mistake. It's easy in hindsight to look back and say When pressed by Philippe Sands...on Bush's recent admission that he had authorized interrogation procedures widely seen as amounting to torture, ... became testy when pressed about his recent remarks that there are areas of Baghdad that were not part of the prearranged pattern remained dark, even when pressed takes it upon itself to darken when it's pressed and I don't want that. when pressed will erase the plane's track to it's current position and ... When pressed, the simulation will start. shows how far the axis will move when pressed. Instances of this class represent a selectable user interface object that issues notification when pressed and released. When pressed about the motives, the hollywood radical finally ...,. I'm genuinely fascinated by the number of people I've met who declare their cosmopolitanism/multiculturalism/love of diversity who, when pressed, can't manage to come up with anything that's enriched them (i.e. made a significant impact on their lives) other than access to the occasional takeaway (which often bear little relation to the "real thing"). Their "embracing" other cultures is nothing more than an arm's length occasional dietary treat or delicious meals when pressed for time or until the cakes spring back when pressed gently with a finger or 25-30 minutes, until puddings are firm when pressed in the centres.. When pressed, separates to a liquid fraction, oleo oil,.... An honest witness who testifies that he knows of no oil spills or discharges at a large oil storage facility may when pressed on cross-examination allow for the metaphysical possibility that such spills might have occurred or the likelihood that a drop here and there can have escaped. ... Similarly, he conceded (when pressed) When pressed in pleading, the tenants admitted that ever since Henry L's day they had been paying arbitrary reliefs that there might have been fugitive drops from the loading pipeline or from loaded trucks as they pulled away... When pressed, many shift blame onto the students who leave... which means that when pressed by fingertips.. Red Robin Spins Bullshit When Pressed To Reveal, Performs Well When Pressed Hard (Mannerisms)

These flexible characters play music when pressed, glow in the dark and are The glow when pressed carpet at Baithak... How do I make a button that will play one of four different sounds randomly when pressed?

The 4-way selector in Record mode toggles the flash mode when pressed "Right." When pressed "Up" it adjusts exposure compensation, "Left" to activate the Self-timer and press "Down" to enable Marco focus mode... Automatically Strikes a Surface with Powerful Spring Action when Pressed ... When pressed even further, His left paw has a embroidered music symbol which when pressed plays 10 ... When pressed for an exact number... squeals when pressed against the rotors. My uterus feels sore when pressed on. My son has pain right above his penis when pressed on, he is 18 .. squeal/make loud noise when pressed. When pressed for a further explanation he commented 'because it's easier to hold').
When pressed directly against bone, some trigger points feel like bruises. When pressed and help it always showed "physical" (touchable) items in red, whether or not they were otherwise visible. Look for reddened areas that, when pressed, do not turn white. bumps that expel a “white thing” when pressed. Disappears when pressed. Does not disappear when pressed.. hurts when pressed. Paining when pressed arm Lumps?". been there over a month.. any ideas? Does everybody's casing click when pressed? Cigars: Soft when pressedThis is a discussion on MedHelp about Testicle pain when pressed cause pain only when pressed 2 inches below eye on cheek but A reddened area on the skin that, when pressed, is "non-blanchable" pressed does not ...... Sorness above navel.. Tender pain in chest when pressed body pain when pressed vibration when pressed Automatically Strikes Surface When Pressed Hurts more when pressed on than when released when pressed, a user can scrub through the mediafile's timeline). WHEN PRESSED BY A CIRCULAR-CYLINDER More Pronounced When Pressed
Donald Duck pencil lights his ass when pressed ;-)When pressed for the perfect example of a modern folk musician, is more pliant than paper when pressed by a hard metal roller model dissappears when pressed,... . Light Won't Light When Pressed. Change color when pressed that, when pressed, causes the several actions ... when pressed in standby mode, . BUT the application has closed indicating an error when pressed on setting menu monitor brightness switch freezes Edgy when pressed Installation .... cool submit button switching when pressed. This is a button that, when pressed, submits the form. when pressed and turning volume. Down. a textual label and/or image, and evaluates a command when pressed. disable submit button when pressed.. » When pressed hard, the ... Arrow Keys jump two characters when pressed sticking when pressed on upper right hand corner touch screen lags when pressed Make Buttons. especially just underneath the screen where the case flexes when pressed. that when pressed resets the form's fields to their initial values as specified by the VALUE attribute. .. to a target surface when pressed there against title is a link which when pressed goes to an identical home page but with soft rubber button does not change enough when pressed. but some items (like skirts or dresses) will get a nasty "seam" when pressed flat. ... When Pressed for Details
Pressed Ashcroft
Pressed Powder..
When pressed, these keys will remain in the depressed (or "stuck") state

Friday, June 20, 2008

(Some) Gates, Windows and Doors

Harry Partch- as the founder of ideas of music being the unifying catalyst to a total unspecialized theater.
Eugenio Barba’s theatre anthropology – as a model for a musical one. Olson’s Projective verse- as the basis of intuitive music tangentially relative to Victor Turner’s concern of ‘Flow”.
Carl Jung- as the acknowledgement of history manifesting as a dynamic force and informer as opposed to unbending solidified structures.
Henri Corbin- as reintroducing the concept of “The Creative Imagination” as the mesocosm between the infinite small and large
Polytheism- as an assimilation of the inner commune (Hillman) hence a move away from the inherent predisposition of minimalism toward monotheistic parallels.
Camouflage- as disruptive pattern material
Cryptography- as indeterminacy stemming from paranoia