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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nonogonal Music

While others have noticed that Pelog fourths form a good cycle at 9 tones, it was Wilson’s work along these lines that seem to represent it the best. There were three forms that he found had been used historically as the basis of pentatonics, made by rotating around the cycle 5 at a time. Since 2 tones are not tuned they skip to the next tone which gives us 3 different forms. These can be seen in the three rings in this diagram. If one uses all 9 tones one can characterize these as 5 fourths in a row, 4 in a row and skipping two, or the last can be seen as 3 in a row skipping two and then two more or these last 2 first. While 12 ET is a bad way to represent pelog, one can form a 9 tone cycle by using tritones in 3 places, in stead of perfect fourths for those who refuse to concede to mesotones. One will have to figure these out for oneself, and the same idea can be transferred to any other scale, of equal steps or not. I have even applied in use to the meta Slendro I use. A larger form of this diagram can be downloaded here. While not as precise geometrically as one could do, I still find it visually interesting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Passing of James Gleeson 1915-2008

An Obituary. Here is Australian foremost Surrealist whose work since our arrival has been of great interest and enjoyment. Picture- "The Arrival of Implacable Gifts". Note the self-portrait of the artist on the left of the picture. Last month I saw a performance incorporating some poetry that I was quite taken with. After the performance upon asking I discovered that it was his. We were in the process of hoping to arrange a meeting in the near future. Here are three excerpts that appeared in a 2003 review The Australian of his Selected Poems.

He divides his arm and breast
among the friends of his wound,
bringing to each, a measurement of corrosion.
Under his armpit the spiders twitch
in the fires of a naked bulb
(p. 73)

In the stream of the seismic night-time
when the rage of the soul
screams its trajectory across the naked canyons
where I must make a killing from the centre,
sometimes I say, — that murder,
that murder was actual but in my head.
Who heard, you say, the red voice added to the rain?
None; that formal guard of black hats on my eye
at worst is some thick sickness of my skull
(p. 72)

Having flown so many miles
Through April’s ghost-laden light
Out of the drought’s edge,

Escaping that salty barrier
Between good and bad lands,
Murky water low in farm dams.

Here, shiningly sure-footed,
The effect is turbulence,
Blueness, snowy prescience,

As they land, scavaging visitants,
pin-pointing the mallee red-gum’s
Solitary crimson nebulas

Near the shed.
(p. 32)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Anaphorian Anchovies finally recognized (uncovered by Terumi Narushima)

Photo from!!7.jpg

Explains much of the sonic properties in our surrounding waters.
(also see previous post regarding 500 Kilos of Anchovies)

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America -- December 2001 -- Volume 110, Issue 6, pp. 2917-2923

Interpretation of the spectra of energy scattered by dispersed anchovies

Orest Diachok
Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC 20375

(Received 6 December 2000; revised 31 July 2001; accepted 27 August 2001)

The spectra of backscattered energy by dispersed anchovies, which were reported by Holliday (1972), reveal several peaks at frequencies that correspond to theoretically calculated resonance frequencies of year classes of anchovies. Theoretical calculations are based on concurrent measurements of distributions of swim bladder dimensions and a modified form of Minnaert's (1933) equation. Differences between calculated and measured values of the mean lengths of the second-, third-, and fourth-year classes are within experimental uncertainties (±8%). The calculated mean lengths of juvenile anchovies are in good agreement with historical measurements of the bounds on this parameter (Butler, 1989). Matching of theoretical calculations and measurements of backscattered energy level versus frequency yields estimates of the total Q of the spectral line, QT, and the relative number density per year class. The resultant estimate of QT of adult anchovies is approximately 4.4. This value of QT is consistent with laboratory measurements of the Q of individual anchovies, Q0 (~7 at 15 m) and measurements of length distributions of year classes and depth distributions. Resultant estimates of relative number densities of year classes were consistent with historical measurements of the relative number densities of year classes of anchovies in the Southern California Bight. ©2001 Acoustical Society

Monday, October 6, 2008

Youngest Rothschild found attempting to enter Anaphoria, reported Deported

Last night during a semiannual fishing ritual tribesman in the western territory stumbled upon 3 river cruisers in the process of dropping over 40 individuals off. This included one of the youngest members of the Rothschild family whose actual occupation could not be determined.
By the time authorities had arrived, one of the vessels had broken free and escaped out to sea. Witnesses reported that it contained various types of gold bars, some said to have Swastikas imprinted into them. A symbol not unknown to the ancient religions in Anaphoria having different meaning yet made it easily recognized. Authorities appear that the recent rise in the worth of the Anaphorian dollar, the Anaphoros from 1=115 Euro to a new high of 276 Euros has attracted many investors looking for currency stability.
While Rothschild was said to be deported, it appeared he picked up by a plane latter identified to have shuttled Saudis off after 9/11

The following was found in their procession in which authorities are still investigating the meaning

Promis software

A red phone having direct access to the Vatican

Video equipment, graphic software for Farsi text,
Make up kit with two Osama Bin Laden Beards.

A German Lorenz cipher machine

Membership cards to
Skull and Crossbones
Montessori schools

Demolition footage of WTC 7

Tapestries from E. Timor.

Large rough-cut logs of rosewood
and other hardwoods

7.5 Kilos of Thermite
5 Kilos of Cocaine.
17 kilos of organic non fair trade coffee.
500 Kilos of Anchovies
500 freshly made Olivia Newton John Bootlegs (180 gram vinyl)
1376 near completed Sudoku Puzzles

Records of all Myspace/Facebook/blogger profiles starting in 2005

Various remote control devices to unspecified planes.

What appeared to be a collection of unknown pharmaceuticals

Plans to crop circles

Computer showing location of all satellites

Nasal hair clipper