lunar aspect

Monday, February 4, 2013

Beyond One Sided Listening.

    If we entertain there is something to Jung's Psychological types, and apply it to ways of listening things take on an interesting form.  If nothing else it exposes the fallacy of either one or the others being more ego based than the others. It would be the extrovert who we would find interested in the 'sounds around us'  while the introverts the sounds that come from our interior. Perhaps the further distinction into four types is better in showing other ways of hearing too. Sensation being the former with the intuitive with the latter. We  also have the functions of thinking which analyses, breaks into pieces and defines the parts and material. The emotional on the other side would accept what emotions  that come up spontaneously. Historically, music has been thrown back and forth between these, each claiming a superiority. It seems it is as if music is at odds with itself, even ill. We are constantly asked to listen to works in one way or another. Sometimes these are  demands, that we listen in no other way.  It is no wonder that in the midst of the so-called assumed freedom we find little that truly convinces of it. At this point, i would prefer some path to a complete way of hearing, a harmony or a even dialog between all of these.