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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Shadow Theatre of Anaphoria - Inauguration of Shadow Puppets

 The Shadow Theatre of Anaphoria invites you to the first stage in inaugurating a collection of new Shadow puppets. This ongoing Ritual process will take place at the Verge Gallery. Jane Foss Russell Plaza, City Rd, University of Sydney,  from Nov 1-7 Monday - Friday as the second week of their Speed Show. 

Preparatory Altar for  the 114 Sacred Stones

 The first night Nov. 1 at 6pm will include a rare performance by Whirlpool [Kraig Grady Meta-Slendro vibraphone and Chris Abrahams Meta-Slendro Pump Organ] of which subsequent ones are being planned . This and subsequent musical performances will be based on 704 throws of the I Ching thrown and recorded over the last 35 years by Kraig Grady. Each Hexagram has been translated into a harmonic sonority and as each throw often involved a hexagram changing into another this results in over 1300 chords that will be sounded over the 7 days.

Instruments will be on hand for others to participate as well and those wishing to engage in the playing process are asked to contact us to arrange an appropriate time. It takes a village to raise a puppet.

Alternating with music will be an ongoing process of pouring of sand pathways in order to connect the 114 stones that have upon them the symbols of the 114 sacred Anaphorian signs The actual signs are only visible during such ritualistic conditions, yet the correspondence between signs and meanings remain a closely guarded secret. This does not mean that single signs and meanings have not been revealed for the benefit of those in the present. 

The process required that preparation already began today  [Oct. 18] with the building of an altar, made out of ruins as required by tradition to prepare each of the stones at the Austronesian Outpost of Anaphoria Island. Situated in Berkeley, NSW near Lake Illawarra