lunar aspect

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A message from the Anaphorian Ambassador in Canberra

Site of Embassy in progress
The Anaphorian flag
Back in 2010, we brought you these pictures on the progress of our Embassy in Canberra. As the purification rituals had run into problems due to constant contamination by our neighbors and the general surroundings, building has not progressed very far. The ambassador {who does not use his name in order not to confuse himself with his role} manages to stay on the move in order to accomplish those things that seem  always to be pressing. This last week we attempted to catch up with him but found it was only in his yearly  'State of the Island Address' where we actually crossed paths. There was a brief meeting at the Vanuatu Art exhibit in the National Gallery but he was leaving as we were entering. We were able to record the main section of his delivery which occurred within the James Turrell Skyspace where the ambassador explored the shifting resonance of the space.

Inside the SkySpace
Looking up