Wednesday, January 30, 2008

THE NONAGON Wins Architecture Award

The Anaphorian Architecture Award for the new defense center has been announced. The Design of the NONAGON won with overwhelming acclaim. Showcasing her drawings Canja Teyle also delivered a lecture at Ual Music Liberaltory on how the nine sided building was inspired by the Pentagon.
"Seven was too simple of a possibility. Nine had the right power for our people" Canje explained. Another feature in how the Pentagon played a part in the design is what many had visualized in the 60's, raising the building two inches off the ground. "It is all done with magnets and this will make the delicate things kept inside immune to earthquakes."
the winners and entries are now showcased in the online project gallery.
The Prize of 1,000 Anaphoros (11,576 Euro) was awarded at the lecture.


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