Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gendhing Popper

Pure form-
Imitate a swarm of gnats*. Players move in and out of being within the whole as they feel fit ( this can be physically but not limited to) . Being drawn back by some undetermined energy. It is understood that the group itself will transform, as is not a static entity

Translation A (for percussion)
'Tempo' becomes initial center of gravity. This works best outdoors where distance influences the ability to synchronize or not

Translation B (possibly for rock/jazz or other improvisers)
Let a groove (probably scale/melodic ideas as well as tempo) start the initial gravity within a group then each exploring moving away and towards as one wishes

Translation C (Microtonal)
Pitch (consonance/dissonance) becomes initial center of gravity. A grid is agreed upon before hand, although the application to Harrison’s concept of intonational ‘free style’ would be quite in keeping. Likewise, Diamonds, Lambdomas extended matrixes, combination product sets etc. all possible. Each ventures closer of further way as one wish. It might be conceivable to have central set in which is ventured from in unique individualistic ways an/or methods

Translation D ( any ensemble used to playing music based on a nuclear melody)
Keeping the above in mind. A pitch is chosen in which all player play at the same time with each recurrence being twice the length what it was the time before. In between, each player to free to play anything. Each duration or group of, or progressing sequences can be implemented or repeated in some predetermined manner. The progression should remain outward in time length and should not reduce.

Translation E (Psychological study )
Keeping the above in mind. Players move toward or away from the others by degrees of camouflage, in other words hiding their relationships with others by disruptive patterns.

Any or all of the above can be combined in any fashion even within a single performance. Other translations welcomed.

*Karl Popper used this image to describe an example of a working anarchistic system.

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