Friday, June 20, 2008

(Some) Gates, Windows and Doors

Harry Partch- as the founder of ideas of music being the unifying catalyst to a total unspecialized theater.
Eugenio Barba’s theatre anthropology – as a model for a musical one. Olson’s Projective verse- as the basis of intuitive music tangentially relative to Victor Turner’s concern of ‘Flow”.
Carl Jung- as the acknowledgement of history manifesting as a dynamic force and informer as opposed to unbending solidified structures.
Henri Corbin- as reintroducing the concept of “The Creative Imagination” as the mesocosm between the infinite small and large
Polytheism- as an assimilation of the inner commune (Hillman) hence a move away from the inherent predisposition of minimalism toward monotheistic parallels.
Camouflage- as disruptive pattern material
Cryptography- as indeterminacy stemming from paranoia

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