Monday, October 6, 2008

Youngest Rothschild found attempting to enter Anaphoria, reported Deported

Last night during a semiannual fishing ritual tribesman in the western territory stumbled upon 3 river cruisers in the process of dropping over 40 individuals off. This included one of the youngest members of the Rothschild family whose actual occupation could not be determined.
By the time authorities had arrived, one of the vessels had broken free and escaped out to sea. Witnesses reported that it contained various types of gold bars, some said to have Swastikas imprinted into them. A symbol not unknown to the ancient religions in Anaphoria having different meaning yet made it easily recognized. Authorities appear that the recent rise in the worth of the Anaphorian dollar, the Anaphoros from 1=115 Euro to a new high of 276 Euros has attracted many investors looking for currency stability.
While Rothschild was said to be deported, it appeared he picked up by a plane latter identified to have shuttled Saudis off after 9/11

The following was found in their procession in which authorities are still investigating the meaning

Promis software

A red phone having direct access to the Vatican

Video equipment, graphic software for Farsi text,
Make up kit with two Osama Bin Laden Beards.

A German Lorenz cipher machine

Membership cards to
Skull and Crossbones
Montessori schools

Demolition footage of WTC 7

Tapestries from E. Timor.

Large rough-cut logs of rosewood
and other hardwoods

7.5 Kilos of Thermite
5 Kilos of Cocaine.
17 kilos of organic non fair trade coffee.
500 Kilos of Anchovies
500 freshly made Olivia Newton John Bootlegs (180 gram vinyl)
1376 near completed Sudoku Puzzles

Records of all Myspace/Facebook/blogger profiles starting in 2005

Various remote control devices to unspecified planes.

What appeared to be a collection of unknown pharmaceuticals

Plans to crop circles

Computer showing location of all satellites

Nasal hair clipper

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  1. Unremarkable.
    Just like the elder shilock's.
    Rape and pilliage for a pound of flesh.

    Fund both sides to create war, then fund both sides to conduct war.

    The same lame story, in a different period of time.

    Peter Carson Vancouver CanaDUH