Monday, February 2, 2009

The Whales of Anaphoria

The whales have been known to keep themselves propped up vertically out of the water for minutes. Everyone has seen them at one time or another. Even above on the cliffs. They are so large and their shape, their color cannot help but stand out from the waves. No one is quite sure how they do it. Figure it is some type of trick they have learned over time. Someone thought maybe they use the sunlight to heal themselves from the germs that cannot help to succumb to it.
And their songs are remarkably different from other places although the locals find nothing unusual in it. They have their horns they play back and forth with them from their boats. This has been going on for so long one can no longer tell one from the other. Or who learned from whom or how much from each other. In the water is the best place to listen, can you tell?

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