Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The meaning of the first 54 of 108 secret Anaphorian signs that cannot be shown to the uninitiate.

1. The extensions of ones vision beyond the horizon.
2. The name of the language of birds.
3. That which brings forth that which already existed in a different form.
4. What determines color, form and fragrances of fruits and flowers.
5. That which causes the warmth of exhaling and the coolness of inhaling.
6. The gap between two realms.
7. That which causes two to come together.
8. What causes springs to appear or to be replenished.
9. The source of breezes and winds.
10. The propulsion that opens holes in the earth.
11. A lightness that holds one in the air when flying.
12. The cultivator of clouds that imitate the shapes below.
13. The designing curvedness of the path that foils the unbending straightness of evil.
14. What give metals the power to remember their shape and determines the flow of melting wax.
15. The agitator of landslides and avalanches.
16.The password of the gateways found on the ridges of mountains
17. The abode of the spirits of laughter.
18. The glyph to the alphabets of stars.
19. The insignia woven on gloves allowing one to enter mirrors.
20. The whisperer that unbinds those universal conclusions.
21. The briefest period of time reversal accomplishable.
22. The intended locales of echoes and other resonances.
23. What is responsible for impurities to be extracted and consolidated elsewhere.
24. How the will of the puppet is revealed to the puppeteer.
25. A canopy that subdues the glare of the unfathomable.
26. The motion preserving freshness throughout an environ.
27. That which recruits supporting material to our endeavors.
28. That which nudges one toward the correct direction, which points out the overlooked, what hides as close as possible to the edge of discovery and can likewise reconstruct what is now lost.
29. Pertaining to the times of early evening and predawn.
30. That which partitions discoveries to manifest simultaneously in remote locations.
31. One of many points of inception of forewarnings and the suggestive
32. The challenger that prompts one to discard the easily attainable.
33. The messenger behind the visitation of unusual animals.
34. That which cause a sudden stillness to pass over one
35. To invoke plants to spawn in one’s garden unplanted.
36. That which informs by dreams.
37. The molder of the flowing layers in the earth and the arranger of stones formations or to tip them upright.
38. The ability to prevent things from burning and makes phosphorescent signs appear in waves
39. The distributor of constellations
40. That which fascinates the paths that others unintentionally shun
41. The imprinter in the bark and knots of trees of the image of the enlighten
42. The library of all that is knowable.
43. The giver of the signs that connect powers acquired by devotion and unselfishness.
44. The array of colors found only in auras.
45. The planter and maintainers of sacred groves.
46. That which allows the dead and living to converse and gives the ability to speak dead languages and to cause secrecies to be known.
47. The root of the powers of sacred solids and magnetism and the forger and instiller of the powers of gems.
48. The name of the assistant in the preparing of rituals and sacrifices.
49. That which can start and control fires and keeps an unshielded candle for going out in heavy winds.
50. The name of the calendar of long durations.
51. That which enables one to put together that which has been broken and reconcile opposing forces.
52. That which overcomes dispersion, dissipation and dissolve hindrances and to silence the obscene.
53. The voices of stirring brooks.
54. The craftsman of remedies

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