Friday, January 2, 2009

The Bitrilobite/ New instruments

Here are two instruments, the top a continuation of the scale of the lower. Having to replace the stands left at our North American branch offered the opportunity to design a way in which they might work together besides separately by having them at slightly different heights. Still unpainted, it was built with the shipping cases ( and even the screws!) it came with. Possibly wheels will be added. I am quite surprised how it is quite playable still within a good reach in the low register. It satisfied my yearly pattern of working on New Years day on an instrument regardless of the before evenings celebratory experiences.
For those interested in such technicalities, the upper instrument carries out my Meta-Slendro scale out another 12 places, beyond the 22 tone point which one would normally stop at. This adds some options as keeping open the possibility of taking it out to 36 places if another like instrument is found. Such thing happens as Wilson's 22 Eikosany which now has the full 36 tones . An instrument began in 1963, there was finished in 2007

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