Friday, January 16, 2009

Having my First Poem Read

It is funny to have ones first poem read out loud by another. But this is what is happening as Mark So includes one of my experiments with goggling phrases in a composition of his. I don't know if this also qualify as 'lyrics' but i doubt he is singing it. for those in LA it occurs.......

01.24.09 (sat) 8pm
tavolacci/hildestad/chen play wolff/thut/so
the wulf.
1026 s santa fe ave #203 (entrance on sacramento st)
la ca

christine tavolacci, orin hildestad and carolyn chen perform my new piece 'readings 28—is google hiding something?' [after kraig grady] (2008)
(w/mark so - reader)

in a program of music by christian wolff, stefan thut and myself

here is the poem regardless

Is Google Hiding Something?
Are you hiding something?

But are we hiding something?
How long until you're hiding something?
Are Your Documents Hiding Something?
Hiding something after it is printed but not before
Was Shakespeare Hiding Something?

Are you hiding something in the Cabinet?

Did you ever want to hide something from prying eyes, yet were afraid to do so in your home
Are you hiding something about yourself you are ashamed of revealing? Are your neighbors hiding something?
What is this? Your Spouse Hiding Something?
Is my husband hiding something?
Is he hiding something or am I just paranoid ?
wait i love you but I feel like you are hiding something from me.

Is Obama hiding something from his college days?
Is The Government Hiding Something?
I imagine they're hiding at least as much as any government on the face of the planet and for similar ...
Is the CIA hiding something about 9/11?
They're Hiding Something
Of course they're hiding something.

Are Chemtrails hiding something about our war with Planet X ?
the administration is Hiding Something
I agree - they are hiding something - in the open.
Hiding something in plain sight is a variant of the invisibility defense

Something is hiding in my iPhone.

"He Who Yells Loudest is Usually Hiding Something"

Yes, your friend is hiding a lot of things. There’s stuff boiling there that she is trying to ignore.
Jessica Simpson is Hiding Something

Hiding from something dangerous, or dangerous things hidden:
JOHN AND CINDY McCAIN ARE HIDING SOMETHING FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BEWARE: these same cockroaches are running and hiding as if someone has switched on the lights.
The Snakes are hiding Something!'

The creep is hiding something and we as the PEOPLE of this country demand action. Two-thirds think Bush administration hiding something because he's hiding something and we wanna know.
As good as he is at hiding things you would think he could never get caught doing anything, and whatever they do happen to find must only be a miniscule fraction of what is really there

Bush Denies ‘Hiding Something’ From New Spy Czar; public gestures, voice patterns, facial characteristics scream out,
He's hiding something, make no mistake about it. And it's BIG.
But our new National Intelligence Director’s office in the White House, “Mad mullahs hiding something”?

Is John Edwards Hiding Something?
I heard that he was hiding the sausage.
but Blizzard's hiding something
“Blair’s hiding something from us”
Could Bill Ford Jr. be Hiding Something?
Those statements pretty much scream that he is hiding something
Lack of evidence could mean Iraq's hiding something.

Is the Catholic Church hiding something?
If they are truly hiding something, it will eventually come out and we'll be crucified.

Are the Masons hiding something or is this fake?
Men who have beards are hiding something!
The Organization Is Hiding Something .

Davao Medical School Foundation Is Hiding Something.
"It looks like they're protecting someone or they're hiding something,"
The Surgeon Is Hiding Something!!!!
BlueTie is hiding something
Hell yes he was hiding things
Lil’Wayne is hiding something
Nancy is Hiding Something

I knew Hello Kitty was hiding something. something's hiding in here. black layer hiding something

I honestly think that Sam is hiding something. Wal-Mart is hiding something and is striking back by hiding other discounts until Thanksgiving day.

The Librarians are hiding something.
The Deception one-sheet may be hiding something.
No one is that 2-dimensional.

I wish I had something worth hiding.
To hide something in multiple contexts, "Something worth hiding," he clarified carefully. "Something to make all the hiding and repressing worth it." The unwilling-unable distinction is like the difference between purposely hiding something from others and unconsciously hiding something from yourself
If they came up against a barrier, however effective, I would already be guilty of hiding something - which I'm not. There is no reason for someone to lie, unless they are hiding something.
I've noticed that hesitation is one of the early signals to me that I'm hiding from something or behind something. "I'm hiding something very, very scary about me. About what I am and who I represent and what I did."I think Peter is hiding something and it has absolutely nothing to do with poker . something's hiding deep inside.

I’m always hiding something. Shit I'm doing it right now.

he had once again thought of hiding something else in the same (unusual) place. a place suitable for hiding something (such as yourself)

Is Burma Hiding Something?
If you must hide something there, at least camouflage it. Think about where you would hide something if you were sure someone was coming looking for it, then hide it someplace else. I'm in agreement that hiding something might need to happen before you add it
Gitmo Terrorists Hiding Weapons in their ...Hiding something in their Quran probably happened about once or twice.
Security researchers note that simply hiding something doesn't make it a threat, but they are experts in detecting when someone is deliberately hiding something and are training machines to recognize human emotions. Police must be hiding something under the rug by physically hiding something from someone in our home like food, cigarettes, drugs, and money.

I don’t even think it’s a matter of hiding something.

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