Thursday, March 12, 2009

Premiere of Corroded Communes-Solo Piano

For those of you without macro-lenses for Eyes, The concert here includes a premiere of my first piano piece in maybe 35 years.

piano racket: music for the unconventional piano: march 13, 2009, 8PM: Chapel Space @ the Good Shepherd Center: 4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Seattle

The concert includes another premiere: Flirt by Bryron Au Yong as well as works by Lois Vierk, David Lang, George Crumb and John Cage. Quite a line up
I am immensely grateful to Tiffany Lin for making this opportunity available to me. The tuning has to be one of the more conservative i have used but that is no reflection on it beauty. It is a temperament invented by George Secor which works well for much 12 tone Equal temperament music. It differs than most temperaments in that it combines the recurrent sequence idea of Erv Wilson's Meta-meantone with attempting to preserve the idea of triads being equal beating. If one had to write for 12 Tone instruments but wanted a more pleasing tool to do so, this is a strong candidate. I tend to think that it might have persauded Lou Harrison to give it a try along his use of Werk. 3.
But the proof is in the pudding and recommend trying it yourself. Here is the tuning called Secor 2 as expressed in deviation for 12 ET. It is spelled out so that everything is lower to not scare those afraid to tune up. Ideally one would keep A at A=440. if you try it out let me know how it works for you.
Secor 2
C 0.0
C# -14.1
D -5.9
D# -7.1
E -10.7
F - 0.1
F# -14.4
G -2.9
G# -9.9
A -8.3
A# -2.1
B -13.6

[i am adding this info from George Secor]
! Secor5_23STX.scl
George Secor's synchronous 5/23-comma temperament extraordinaire

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance last night by Tiffany Lin. She is a charming and gifted performer, as comfortable tossing ping pong balls into toy pianos while huffing and puffing, as she was gracefully playing the arpeggios of Corroded Communes. The latter was a wonderful, and subtle, exploration of the notes between the notes. Great work, well performed, enjoyed by all. I brought my family as a birthday outing, and they had a great time. Thanks for letting us know about it.