Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some 60+ Gems

I could post another 20 but i thought i would go with maybe exceptional, maybe more overlooked representations.

Even outside the message, note the angular background line in the ensemble of this tune. It is quite unusual how it comes in and disappears thoughout. I can't think of another example like it.

Now where does one hear counterpoint like this in the first tune. As an aside my Stepfather was the head scenic artist on this show.

Scott Walker who started in the 60's is still going. He is probably as close as we are going to get to Schubert as a song writer we might see in our life time. This songs takes excepts from the trials of Eichmann mixed with Henry the VIII Queen Anne.

you can't embed the following. Yes Nancy Sinatra! with Lee Hazelwood. Now if one wanted to write a 16th century mass on a popular tune. This one would be my first choice. The song always struck me as about man's relationship to nature as well as a warning not to meddle with it too much either.

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